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Things to consider before Bridal Shopping

Things to consider before Bridal Shopping

Even for a party dress, you spend hours in shopping malls to find that perfect color and fit. Then it’s a must that you do some research and be clear about what you want in the outfit you are wearing on your big day. You are going to be the center of attention on the most-awaited and important day of your life – YOUR WEDDING!

We have a lot of “bride to be” girls who walk in and out of our store daily. And while some of them know exactly what they want, a lot don’t. And hence we thought, why not put together the things you should know when you come to us for your bridal lehenga.


First and foremost is  DO SOME RESEARCH.

These days all the information is a click away. So spend some time to search and read about the current trends of bridal lehengas, what colors are in trend, what sorts of embroidery you like and also look up the price ranges going on in the market. This will open up your views and outlook towards the pieces you find when you come to us and surely lead to less confusion on your end.



Generally the bride and groom`s parents accompany them for shopping. But ensure you do not entrust this important task to the family only and be present when shopping for your bridal lehenga. Also, be minimalist with the number of people in your shopping team. The more people you take along means more muddled opinions. Which might confuse you.



Indian bridal lehengas or sarees look the best in bright colors. But even pastels and mellow colors look beautiful too. So go for whatever suits your palette. A perfect blend of embroidery and colors make for a stunning lehenga or saree. So when you are with us to finalize the colors and design, pay utmost attention to both. As one compliments the other.


And last but not the least  FITTING DAY IS IMPORTANT.

Its not all over once you have pinned down a design and color for your bridal lehenga. Once its ready, we call you to come over for a fitting trial. It’s important to try the outfit and see if it fits properly and you are comfortable wearing it. See if you need any further alterations. This is the time, you have to listen only to yourself and keep your opinions above everyone else`s. Because its you who is going to be wearing that lehenga. And you wont feel special on the wedding day if your blouse or lehenga doesn’t fit well. So make sure the fitting is perfect.

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